All You Need to Know About Empires &Allies

Empires & Allies is a modern real-time strategy-based game, where the players are taken to the near future and play through various war fronts. They will gain access to various advanced weapons and can build their own army and units of attack or defense. This game is the most popular in its genre, and has more than 10 million players playing it on their mobile devices.

This game is marketed by Zynga, and has turned out to be one of the most successful games of the year. This military and strategy-based game has upgraded real graphics in its gameplay. The storyline of the game itself is mesmerizing and you can invite more players to it.

In the near future, a secret evil organization takes over the world and tries to destroy it. You need to build an army base and safeguard the world from their invasion with the Empires and Allies Cheats.

The game also offers a social gameplay option. The players can join allies with other players and share resources and loots from the battles. If you lack the resource for an upgrade, you can request your allied player to send you some resources. You can also ask them to help you with wars by sending their troops for you.

Set up a defensive base

The gameplay revolves around safeguarding your headquarters. Your headquarterswill act as the central command structure, and your duty is to safeguard it from enemy attacks. You can design a puzzling base for confusing your enemies. Your XP level increases as you advance in the game by building your base and upgrading your headquarters.

When you increase the level of your headquarters, the other units in the base also gets upgraded giving you more hit points. You also need to defend your base from enemy attacks. Place the guard towers, artilleries, landmines, and other defensive units on the outer ring of your base. This will provide maximum protection to your headquartersand defend any enemy attacks.

Surprise your enemies with traps

Build dome units and strategically place your rally flags so as to set up traps for your attackers. While you level up and advance through the gameplay, you can change your defense units under each dome. For instance, you can fill your domes with Tactical High-Energy Laser (THEL) weapons and defend a ground attack. Enemies who bring in large ground attackers, like tanks, can be taken down with THEL because they produce devastating damages against these ground units.

If your enemies bring in helicopters to an air attack, you can surprise them with doomed aerial defense. They will take down the choppers easily and safeguard your HQ from any damages. Also don’t chop down those trees! You can easily fool your attackers by placing spider drones or commandos behind the trees and making a surprise attack.

Train a devastating army

Build an army that can easily take down your opponents. You can start by grouping together all the Rangers in the forefront. They will include all the Riflemen, Medics, and the Rockets. You can follow them up with long range attacking units, like attack drones, tanks, Tomahawk missiles, and other such units of Empires and Allies Cheats.

Every troop and defensive units will have an XP level and are effective against certain units. Rangers can be used for attacking Spider drones, and opponents’ aircrafts can be taken down with Striker VI armored vehicles. Always focus on upgrading your forces to cause more damage to your enemy’s units.

Once you are ready with a basic war troops and defensive units, you can join allies with other players and take your gameplay to the next level. With alliance, you can speed up your upgrades and exchange resources. Install this game on your mobile devices and start saving the world from invaders!