Wikidotsite Review and its Benefits is recognized as the world largest site that enables users to add, remove or even edit and quickly make somechanges. It is also a publishing network that provides personal sites for their users to include your name and the URL of Wiki website, for instance, Your-website-name.

Wiki system normally not strict on technical details such as language, means to edit the pages, ways to create a community forum and much more. Here are various Features of Wiki technology and the Benefits:

Professional and quality Offers

Wikidot offers a high quality and professional website for every user. also comprises a tool that creates the website without considering HTML, JavaScript, PHP etc. Additionally, with a Wikidot, you can be able to create a personal website, your company’s site, big portals as well as a large community forum comprising thousands of users.

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Wikidot normally lives replication database for backing up servers and synchronize uploaded files live as well. Its main server uses a high-quality hardware and redundant disk drives. With the help of this website, you can try the Mason Jones playlist​.


WIKI hosts users’ site on their servers with a secure solution that users shouldn’t even worry about the data loss. In addition, they don’t limit users’ site, thus there are no transfer limits and the user can have millions of visitors each day. In fact, they are impressed when your site has a huge traffic.


They offer free storage space, thus you can freely create five websites with a capacity storage of 300MB for each. In case your space is insufficient, you can upgrade and expand enough space you require.

Limitless quantity of pages

You can obtain an unlimited number of pages if you create a website on WIKI including blogs, forum and much more. The storage does not count.

Intensive WIKI Engine and Syntax

Certainly, Wiki Syntax is among the most powerful available in Wikidot. WIKI engine is created not only for the simple websites but the entire portals. Wikidot also enables to impart bibliography items, LaTex-style equations, footnotes etc.

Private Messages

Wikidot also allows the users to communicate easily through sending private messages. Every user can possess contacts lists and also configure who is permitted to send him/her messages.

Your Content License

Wikidot is highly recommended to use creative commons license or GFDL for a content. Therefore, you can easily choose a license from a website management panel.

Closing your Site

If you have to close your site due to some personal reasons, you can duplicate it. It means that your entire site is duplicated to other address, for instance, you can copy and name it like

Conclusion is used in many organization and companies for business purposes. Also, most teachers use thousands of Wikis for their classes and the most popular WIKI enterprise with above 20milion exceptional visitors each year is Wikidot.

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