Enjoy the Latest FIFA 19 World Cup Edition

There are only a few people who don’t know about FIFA 19. It is a football simulation video game designed and developed by EA Vancouver. Cristiano Ronaldo is on the cover of the regular edition and recently a few months ago the 26th installment of the game is released. You can read about FIFA 19 news online and learn more about the game.

The game is available for various consoles including:

  • PlayStation 3 and 4
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Microsoft Windows

The latest update of the game features the UEFA club. The club is introduced for the first time in the game along with UEFA Champions League.

What’s new in the game?

If you are wondering the new features of the game, then the first update is the new Active Touch System. It consists of an overhaul of player control. Along with this, the kick button is included that tell the exact moment when a ball is kicked to measure the timed finishing.

The 50/50 battle is the system which determines how the player will win the loose balls. Also, the Dynamic Tactics allows the players to configure various strategies and switch them during the real-time match.

As the license of the Pro Evolution Soccer expired, the developers introduced different leagues in the game. Now the players have a chance to play on the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and the Super Cup Competition too. The regular commentators Martin Tyler and Alan Smith return to the game along with Derek Rae and Lee Dixon. As the FIFA 19 has the full license to the Champions League, the players can have a real match experience with the online game.

FIFA 19 World Cup


Several characters that appeared in FIFA 17 and 18 are not the part of the new storyline of the game. The storyline revolves around Alex Hunter and his half-sister Kim. The story begins with them and Danny Williams watching a video of Hunter’s grandfather scoring 100th goal of his career. Then they both train to become an as good player as their grandfather Jim Hunter was. At the end of the series, two best friends, Alex and Danny have to face each other to win the trophy.

The story further moves forward with the players trying to make a debut in the Champions League. As Alex gets popular, he struggles to make time for his family and his duties towards his sponsor. Kim also trains for the women’s league and play the World Cup in France. The Game gradually moves towards the highest level of the game to become the best club team in Europe.

To know how the game ends, you must experience the journey along with Alex, Kim, and Danny. So, live the life of these players as you got your hands on the best EA Football game. To read about FIFA 19 news, you can visit MyGameOn. On the website, you will find all recent updates and news related to the game and the players too.

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Sims 3 Comes A Pack Of Happy Points

A life simulation video game for PlayStation 3.  It gives reality experience to all gamers and helps them to create a path of their life.  Simply they control their own sims all doing in their own way.  Creating a world full of happiness and rewards to sims.  Customers able to choose color, skin tone, hair style, shoes, textures. You have advanced feature in Sims 3, what it means, can able to modify the muscles and breast size as you want.  Sims has nearly 17 hairstyles for a male. Female sims has nearly 22 hairstyles for female.  Allowed to customize the in advanced mode.  Best compliments in skills for every do. Sims will get more happy rewards for every task he did. Like if he worked overtime in his office he will get cash rewards for that.  And he will use his skill to help his neighbor.  For school performance also, he will get some rewards.  Like cooking, writing, fishing, gardening .etc, have top 10 skills to get the best certification.  It gives lifetime happy points for the player who plays the game.  Especially sims 3 has a different number of the category to custom the career by the player.

Skills Added Advantage

Medical, musical, political, business etc, you can choose is the full time or a part-time jobber.  Sims will earn the profit percent and to improve others business and to buy. Player will learn some good works experience like helping others, getting joyful rewards, earning ideas.  It involved the player to play like real life human.  Super dupper added thoughts are can build a home by choosing rooftop, paints, colors of paints, basement, and floor designs.

Sims 3 kostenlos

This is the best feature for every gamer. Accommodate the tiles, lights, building mode, shades, patterns, windows, doors, walls cover and make gardens, trees, and ponds.  A specific place to cook meat with fire.  It’s all will give exciting experience to gamers. When Sims first released peoples got tobacco on it.  Now they introduced the advanced mode to play with a lot of tools.  Gives better experience to all for lovers of the game.  A cute world with all your desires you want to do.

Best Way To Download

Sims 3 kostenlos downloaden to see this wonderful real-life game.  The operating system which supports to download is windows 8.1 with 64 bits, Windows 8 with 64 bits, Windows 7 with 64 bits pack 1, windows vista with 64 bits pack-2. Memory will be around 1 GB of Ram.  The team faced a lot of hard works to bring this real-world game.  Animation used with good graphics media accelerator. The big story of sims is developed by every individual.  The best developer developed a huge pack of gift to entertain us.  This game breaking the records of all other similar games. One place to enjoy a lot of fun activities.  Feel the look and enjoy the animations with a realistic experience.  Sims 3 released on the operating system, ios, android, blackberry, and windows phone.  Download it to see the best experience with additional benefits.