Should I Get an Apex Legends Cheat and Play With it?

Apex Legends is one of the best games of 2019. Released in February 2019, it dominated almost all gaming consoles – Windows, Xbox, Play Station, and it’s about to be released for Nintendo too during this 2020.

Since it was just released and some guys already managed to learn everything there is about it, it’s hard to get into their world and own them. They dominate the game and if you get together in the same place, you can be sure that you’ll have no chance of winning. Unless…

Unless you find another way to play against them. This way is called cheats. The popular way of dominating the battlefield even though you still haven’t learned everything about it is not available for everyone.

If you want to know what’s important to know before getting cheats, and is it worth it to get them and play with them, you should continue reading. Follow up, to know everything about this!

What is Apex Legends?

This game is a first-person shooter and a battle royale game. The point of the game is to eliminate the other teams on an artificial island. The battle can be made with up to 20 teams who all have three soldiers.

First, the teams search for weapons and then indulge in battle. With time, the island shrinks leaving no space for staying out of the battle zone. Whoever is caught outside of the zone hiding, loses the game immediately.

That’s why being active and trying to get some more action at all times is crucial. However, if you have nothing to fight with, you won’t be able to do anything. It will be all the same if you’re outside and die, or inside and die from another person. This is the main reason why people decide to get cheats.

You’ll find a lot of reviews and detailed in-depth reviews about the game, but if you want to know the best about the basics, it’s best to take a look at this link.

What do cheats do?

There are more options when it comes to getting cheats. Hacking the game lets you play with some features that other players don’t have. The three main categories are AimBot, 3D ESP, and a 2D radar. All of these will help you dominate the field.

What do these features mean?

  • The AimBot is a tool that helps you track down targets and lock them in your aiming device making it easier for you to hit the target no matter what it does. They can move around, hump, kneel, it doesn’t matter, you have them aimed and they have nowhere to go.
  • The 3D ESP is a device that tracks down the other players on the map and gives you a much better chance in the fight against them. The number of different options will also provide the option to go for those who are weak and stay away from those who are stronger.
  • The 2D radar lets you find out where your enemies are. They are shown on the map at all times and you will always know where to go if you don’t want an encounter or if you want to go directly on them.

These features all have a dozen of other sub-features

Every one of these features will have a number of others similar to the original one. If you want to know more about these, take a look at where this is explained perfectly.

You can choose one of them and enjoy a free game or you can select more and be totally indestructible. It all depends on what you’re striving for. You can start with little and go on to use more of the opponents seem a class higher than your skills are.

With the Aim Key Lock-on and stick-to-target mode, you can get your target and follow it where ever it goes without giving them the chance to survive. They can’t escape because with this mode you’ll always have them locked and shoot until they’re dead.

The target switching is also something that you can find highly useful. When you manage to destroy one opponent, with this function you’ll be able to quickly switch to another one without losing too much time on searching for the next target.

The Health ESP allows you to see how healthy your opponent is, and with it go for them or search for someone else who will be easier prey. The Player ESP gives you the option to see who you are playing against. You might want to become famous for killing someone who’s already recognized as a legend in the community.

The hack also gives you a specialized menu in which you can find many useful tools, like a special secure client and an easy in-game menu that can be controlled and personalized. In other words, choosing something like this gives you complete control over the game and makes the enjoyment a completely different experience.

Is it normal to do this?

There are thousands of people who are playing like this. It’s not anything new in the world of gaming. Only those who are already established as skilled and excellent players are actually playing without cheats. Those who are just starting to play simply must do something about this.

Some people will talk about ethics in gaming but this shouldn’t be something to think about because you are going online to play and enjoy and not care about someone else’s thoughts.


With the issues written above, you understand why it’s important to get hacks. With them, you open a completely different and new level of enjoying your world of gaming. Controlling the environment, better aiming toward the enemies, and a menu that the rest of the players doesn’t have.

Choose some of the many options you have on the internet and enjoy spending some time with your friends, but also enjoy spending time destroying your enemies from the virtual world.