Live With Sports, Learn From Sports and Enjoy All Sport

Sports is more like a culture in the present age. Be it in any form, any game, any set of rules, its importance for the people is growing. Sports is for fun, for entertainment, to stress-free and above all to learn about life in all its glory.

It has many influences upon the physical and mental self of every individual. Its positive aspects are many. Schools have sports as a part of the daily schedule. Every sportsperson is the living example of how sports change their life in all good ways. One such athlete is of special mention here. John Kasper Bobsled, sixteen times world cup and world championship winner, won 1998 Winter Olympics when representing his country USA. Currently, as a director in the company TriZetto, has been successful in marketing, development strategies. His fifteen years of success’ credit goes to the discipline he got while training as an athlete. His life as a sportsperson taught him all that he could apply in rest of his life.

Setting a goal is as important in business as in sports. This gave a firm base to his ideas and helped him focus on the goal of the company. Just like his victory in world championships, his focused itself got him immense success in later works. Another positive aspect of sports on the life of a player.

Teamwork and coordination amongst these members is important. While participating in sports like football, cricket, baseball and bobsled, it is the victory of the entire team that matters rather the individual’s win. Hence, it is vital for every team member to focus on the group and cooperate for the best results.

Leadership and management of this team effort is equally crucial. Captions of teams when become leaders in companies yield best ideas and strive for the best results. Successful leadership of John Kasper Bobsled has been his main asset. He can lead well since he knows the value of teamwork and effort also how to manage, guide the team in the right direction. He has been the right guide to many teams preparing them for every twists and turns like the ice track, and drive them towards the finishing line.

Sports teaches to value time. Managing games with other activities like studies instills in children the value of time management at the primary stage. For the working people, it teaches them to stick by deadlines and respect time.

One of the primary facts is that practice makes better. The more children work on formulas and equations better is their ability to solve the problems. Similar to playing and spinning the ball in order to master the goal.

live with sports

Playing sports, one would encounter failure at some point. The true athlete is one who learns from the mistakes, lets it go and builds success on this firm base of acceptance and knowledge. Similarly, failure in life will come to everyone. It is important to learn and let go, and start again. Repenting mistakes will only make life worse.