Dragon City has become one of the popular games online. People who love to play online and social media games, Dragon City always maintain its top priority on the playing list. Are you new to this gaming world? Then you need a brief description of this game. We assure you, the excitements and thrills will not allow you to stay back from playing once. The game theory is very simple. You have to raise, feed and breed a number of dragons so that they can become enough stronger to build a city. Your primary motto will be related to the number of dragons. As many as dragons you can farm, you will earn more gems and gold. Dragon City hacks will provide you the best strategies you should apply to win the game perfectly.

While playing you should focus on a few particular things to proceed through the game efficiently. For an instance, consider the farming of corps. This is the base of your game. Why? Basically, your main task in this game is to raise your dragon and make them stronger. So, obviously, your dragons need food and this is why you need to harvest crops to feed them. You need to grow more dragons to earn your desired gold and gems. So, start harvesting more as much as you can. Just like it, there are other useful tips to guide you to build your required Dragon City.

Dragon City hacks

Useful strategies to build up the best Dragon City:

If you have a rare dragon such as Soccer Dragon or Cool Fire you have the option to breed a new dragon named the Legendary dragon. As you proceed with the game you can then find the pure dragons. Now you have to grow them to make them more powerful.

If you know the basics of this game, the initial eight elements – sea, nature, electric, ice, metal, dark, flame and terra must be known to you. These elements have their own individual territories. Also, each of these eight habitats has its own set of characteristics. For example, if you consider terra, it has a significantly low gold cap, around 500. On the other hand, the terra dragons have the highest potential to earn gold. Similarly, the sea habitat has the maximum gold cap around 7500 whereas the sea dragons have the lowest potential to earn gold. So, you need to plan your game strategy very minutely to gain the maximum success and also you need to suppress your enemy dragons from attacking yours. Consider the Dragon City hacks to achieve more effective tips and tricks for each habitat and the potentials of their dragons. If you concentrate, you will see that flame, ice, sea, dark, nature and legendary – have the maximum gold caps. Among them, you need to choose the best for your game.

As we all know, gold is the most difficult to earn. So, you can now understand which the essential things to concentrate on are. Along with the dragons, food, gems and gold, the environment plays a very important role while building up a Dragon City. Without these elements, you cannot dominate your enemies.