With sports leagues demanding more money than ever before to pay for stadiums, training facilities, plus the ever-growing prize money payouts or player salaries, most sports are no longer available on national TV because these channels do not pay enough for TV rights the sports events.

In the past, before cable and satellite TV subscriptions existed, live tennis, football, rugby, F1 racing, and all the other popular sports were televised on free channels that are either government subsidized or private TV channels that make money by selling advertising space.

Today many of these national TV channels have been outbid and no longer have the rights to televise live matches. Probably the most surprising is the soccer world cup that many said would never be turned over to a subscription-based company, but even that has succumbed to the huge amounts of money offered by satellite and/or cable TV channels. In the UK Wimbledon is not played on national TV and in France, the French tennis open is going to be televised by private channels in the future.

It all began with soccer when the English Premier League (EPL) was first to fall. All games were bought by Sky TV at the time and this was the end of lie matches that anyone could watch for free on regular TV channels. Next, foreign football leagues such as the Spanish, French, and Italian leagues were no longer free to watch. In all these countries satellite and cable TV has taken all the television rights, which means the only way to watch any of these games is to buy a subscription.

So How Do You Fight Back Against This Ridiculous Need for Subscriptions?

Well, it is actually much easier than you think. Your internet service provider may not allow you to watch live sports streams, but they cannot stop you. The reason is that you can now use a VPN. VPN software means you can log on and connect to a server in another country where football streams are not illegal. The VPN creates an encrypted connection to the server in the other country and streams the sports channel to your device.

There is no way that your ISP can know what you are using the VPN for. That means your connection and anything you do over the VPN connection is comp0letely secure and private. If you want to watch the latest Champions League soccer games, and you speak French, then you would use a ligue des champions streamingchannel. Likewise, in Italy, there are VPNs for Italians, and in the UK,  there are VPNs for the British to connect to so they can stream sports without their ISP cutting them off or fining them.

Sports Should Be Free for Everyone

One of the problems with so much money being pumped into professional sports games is the issue of dominance. For example, Manchester City has just bought the English Premier League and PSG in France have pretty much bought the French league. Sports players are paid salaries that are way too high. On top of this, these sports players get huge sponsorship deals.

Firstly, these players do not need that much money. Secondly, the greed of the football associations selling these TV rights makes them rich and the general public poorer. Many of do not need yet another monthly bill to pay, but we have to because we want at least some entertainment in our lives, and that is to watch sports on TV. However, with the VPN software and a growing number of people setting up live sports streams so everyone can share the delights of sports means that we can all fight back against this greed.

Now the voir la ligue des champions (Champions League), tennis, F1, and other sports are not out of our reach. We do not have to over $70 a month to watch the sports we love. All we need to do is pay a small $7 to $10 for VPN software subscription, find a decent list of sites that stream the sports we love, and we can then watch all the sports matches and races free.

At the end of the day, we should all be fighting against the greed of the people that have taken away these sports from us and made us pay just so they can get filthy rich with money far above the amount they need just because they were lucky enough to be born with natural sporting abilities. Never feel guilty about using free streams because these people do not feel guilty about making us pay so they can live their extravagant lifestyles.