PS4 is probably well known to the gaming community, (of which we present one of the flagship products, a little lower in this comparison), why we chose to present the PS4, in as the best controller of the moment for the PlayStation 4 of this brand.

The Perfect Choice

The brand prides itself on having designed this controller in collaboration with e-sports professionals, just to have the game pad. As far as I’m concerned, we do not really know the PS 4 (shame on me), except by name of course, so I’m going to let myself go to curiosity. You can visit for the best deal now.

Visually, it is quite massive, with a look that reminds me vaguely that of the PS4 controller more worked. The plastic is of quality and seems rather soft, while being pleasant enough, visually (alternation of “matte” and “brilliant” zones).

1. We notice immediately that the arrangement of the elements of the joystick (sticks, directional cross, triggers) was thought to facilitate the task of the players (like the Hori Onyx), which is very well seen. It is also, despite its large size, quite light (220 g).

2. We find ourselves with a stick on the lower right and another on the upper left (where we would expect to see the directional cross), a directional cross placed opposite the right stick (novelty: it is rather round.), a central home button, a touch pad and a jack but no speaker. In short, all the elements are there, at your fingertips, which is already great, but the lack of speaker will be enough to frustrate more than one, too bad.

PS4 Controller

The PS Pro Controller

And since we are here on a “Pro” controller, we are also entitled to 4 additional buttons (M1 to M4), which take the form of two bidirectional triggers and which are located on the rear face, and therefore easy to activate (ideal for games such as FPS or fighting games). All keys are very sensitive too, so accurate, which will appeal to more than one player, even if it seems that the sticks are a bit slippery, despite the anti-slip they are equipped.

1. If we had to do a review on its ergonomics (well, I’m looking for some lice), it would probably be the size of the buttons and Share Options, ridiculously small, and that of the touch pad, also quite small. But since games requiring this one are not legion, it will surely disturb only few players.

2. Apart from that, it seems comfortable to me, both in terms of grip in the use of buttons and buttons, even if it bothers me a little it is wired. Fortunately the cord is quite long (3 m ) and of good quality, although not very flexible.

It also has a secure locking system at the connection, fairly secure because the screw prevents the controller to be disconnected by accident, and back light, which is quite nice (and practical for some games, although we must admit that it’s not my thing).

Then you can switch from one profile to another with the button “Profile”, also located on the back, and associate them with 4 additional keys (M1 to M4), which is very practical. And for those who ask the question: yes, analogue triggers are adjustable.