If you’re a fan of anything football, then surely the FIFA game is not foreign to you. Although many people can refer to it as a premier league, FIFA is also a well-known game in various gaming platforms. It’s one of those long-standing sports game franchise that has experienced a variety of upgrades and reiterations throughout the years. One of its newest offerings is the mobile game FIFA 19 on phone in both (FIFA 19 android and FIFA 19 ios).

It comes as no surprise that the game developers of the game have already decided to place the ever popular game in the mobile platform. Why is it not surprising? Because your mobile device is not just a tool, it’s your life, it has everything that you could ever want, found in just one device from ordering, information, shopping, entertainment, food, tracking, and many many more. One of its popular capabilities is gaming.

Smartphones and gaming: Sure, gaming is already an old concept as far as the first smartphones are concerned. But you have to understand that, smartphones nowadays are now more sophisticated and more capable as far as performance is concerned. That is the reason why you’re able to play games today with very high graphics, and the term “gaming phones” isn’t a laughing term anymore. Try playing the FIFA 19 mobile and you’ll see.

Why play it on mobile? So why play your favorite game on mobile? Its because you should, there’s no better reason why. If you love playing FIFA, then you should try playing mobile version FIFA 19. Why? Because it’s more accessible to you. You don’t have to bring your gaming console or wait to get home just to enjoy the game, because it can easily be played in your mobile device.

But it’s not free (technically): The fact is, the game isn’t free for you to play. You still do have to pay for the game. But there’s actually a way to play the game for free. It’s not going to be via the normal route, but it works once you find it. The fact is, there are many platforms that offer free FIFA 19 apk on your mobile device just like the popular platform getfifa19.mobi.


The downloading process is simple: Downloading the game is actually pretty simple and quick. As mentioned, there are many ways to download the game and if you plan to play it for free, there’s a way to do it and don’t worry it’s not illegal. You may click the hyperlink for the full in-depth video tutorial. If that got you curious, below are the steps:

  • Download the app
  • Launch the game and let it install
  • Make sure to pass the verification process
  • Reload the game
  • Play it!

Is it safe? One of the common question about downloading the game online is, is it safe? The answer? It is! As long as you downloaded it in platforms where its known to be secured to download one. This is very important because any wrong move will put your information at risk and be used for any illegal activities. The best way to prevent this is to do your homework and have an antivirus (mobile version) ready just in case.

Fifa 19 is a popular game, it comes as no surprise though why its a very popular game, because generally anything football is bound for success. Its success is proven over the years from its many reiterations/ Why do you think they were able to develop it until FIFA 19? What made the game really interesting is that its adapted in the mobile platform. This is a big leap to the game since now people will have more reason to play it. If you wish to know more, vsit https://getfifa19.mobi.