Make your dream hotel

Do you want to make your dream hotel? If “yes” then you have come to the right place.

I’ll just give you an overview about this game. The cooking simulator game is about being creative, handling chefs, baking, decorating and much more. You can compete with the other players around the globe and rank according to the rank chart, many upcoming events and loads of fun.

There will be many tasks to complete starting from the amature stage to the expert stage. The whole cooking adventure game, doesn’t it excite you? If “NO” then let me tell you something more about the game, it’s an addictive game where you can create your own dishes, you get your farm where you can grow your own vegetables & fruits, for a farm to table experience.

The whole cooking simulator is based on many stories. One can join the chef community and get many gifts from the other chefs. Build and decorate your own town and attract celebrities to your town and you can even throw parties. You can also expand and design your restaurant and attract more customers by enhancing your cooking skills.

By playing these food games you can experience the chef’s life and enjoy fresh vegetables from your own farm, build and decorate your own town. Not only can you customize your town or restaurants but you can customize your own character by giving a new haircut, stylish and latest fashion updates. Cook and create your recipe and share it with other chefs from the world.

You can also hire a world class chef for your restaurant and make your unique restaurant and showcase it to the rest of the world. Complete the various tasks and improve your restaurant and your town to be the star chef of the world.

Star Chef 2 is a free game where you can buy and purchase various things and also there are few products which can be purchased via In app purchases  and can get exclusive things which few chefs will be using. This game is a socially interactive game and on daily login you’ll get various surprises which can help you to upgrade your restaurant and move further. This game needs an internet connection to compete with the other players in different parts of the world and also to interact with your chef friends to enjoy the game even much more.

Game features : Star Chef 2 has good graphics and is a story based game where you will have to upgrade your kitchen and expand to the max for more benefits, purchase the premium deals and grow faster. This game has amazing user friendly features. Manage your kitchen according to your way and be a successful chef of your town and of your very own  world.

So what are you waiting for? Join us on this amazing adventure.