Advantages of Red Court-The Modernised Version of Clay Courts

In present days, the world of tennis court surfaces is evolving with great options. Modern surfaces are being developed, which match the players’ needs and requirements to make their playing time more enjoyable and comfortable. And one of the best court surfaces is the red court, the modernized version of clay courts.

According to many tennis court contractors, Red court is one of the most trending innovative surfaces that is also the ultimate and accurate alternative to the clay tennis court. Following are the benefits of Red Court.

Advantages of the Red Court

  1. Low Maintenance

One of the red court’s biggest advantages is that it is a maintenance-friendly surface of a tennis court. Due to its construction structure, it is especially compared to traditional clay. Unlike traditional clay, the court surface doesn’t need reconstruction every summer and also doesn’t require regular watering. As the court mat is made of polyethene fibres, it offers much durability to the surface.

  1. Suitable For All the Weathers

The red court surface offers a very practical alternative to the ordinary clay tennis court surface. It is available to use throughout the year because the condition of the surface doesn’t depend upon the weather. In fact, this court surface can be used immediately even after rains.

  1. Similar Playing Characteristics To Clay Courts

Red Court is very much identical to regular clay courts when it comes to playing characteristics or in appearance. This is why it is also called the modern version of the clay court. The material of the red court is not clay but an artificial top-quality tennis grass paired up with a layer of ceramic sand. Therefore the red court surface is the ideal option for a tennis court resurfacing for the players who love sliding and visible ball prints.

  1. Suitable for Both Indoor & Outdoor Courts

The majority of tennis court contractors prefer the red court surface because it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor courts. The indoor courts are less prone to any weathering, but outdoor courts are prone to that. However, the red court is perfect for both indoor courts and outdoor courts because of its perimeter edging, which prevents wind from lifting the edges and allows any water collected to drain away from the court’s surface.

If you were looking for an easy to maintain and highly durable tennis court surface, then a red clay court will be the best choice you can make.