CS GO gaming is a fast-growing industry, and it comes as no surprise that digital marketplace sites are attracting vast numbers of buyers. Case and capsule sites like bitskins CS GO Jackpot have grown in popularity, allowing players the chance to win or trade with other players for items that can help them advance in their games. While these new sites have plenty of upsides, they come with unique risks that must be addressed immediately.

What are the risks, you ask? Well, to begin with, cryptocurrency is largely unregulated. This means people can make much more money illegally by laundering their money through these game cases than through a casino. Furthermore, the buyers are anonymous and play the market with software that masks their identities.

While it’s possible to win big, there are also cases where users have lost their account login information and assets through these exchange sites. This can happen if the users trust their account information with the site and make a mistake during the deposit or purchase process.

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The biggest downside to these sites is that they act as a central point of failure for CS:GO gamers. It doesn’t take much to purchase thousands of dollars worth of items from these sites and combine that with the possibility of losing all your purchased items and login information. The most vulnerable are those who use newer accounts because of stolen passwords or have already been hacked in one way or another.

The good hell case news is that some solutions are available to help prevent this from happening to your account. The first step is to use two-factor authentication and security software like Lastpass or Dashlane. These apps allow you to store your login information and generate strong passwords so the accounts can’t be hacked in the first place.

The second step is to ensure that your private information is never stored on these sites. Even though these sites are designed to keep your information secure, it’s not guaranteed that they will get hacked or lose your information accidentally. In this regard, make sure you’re using a separate account for these marketplace purchases instead of a report containing other items, such as paid games on Steam or Origin.