League of legends is a battle based action game wherein teams play against each other. In a team, there are five players each who perform their best against the opposite team using the special powers of the challengers. Zoe is one of the challenges in this game which is blessed with special powers. Her strengths make her unique and one of the choices for challengers to play this game. A few of her strengths are making picks, being one of the best champions, being a challenger fun to play with, best poke mage in this game, and creatively using different summoner spells in the game while playing. You will come to know more regarding the Zoe build further below.

Guide For Zoe Builds

There are many items, spells, and runes that this special challenger Zoe can use to overcome challenges in the League of Legends game. Some of the items that you can use for building Zoe are

  • Corrupting potion- If you want Zoe to sustain more in the lane while playing, then you can make use of this potion. This item can give you more HP and mana compared to other starting items.
  • Two HP potions and Doran’s ring are the strong starting items for Zoe, like for other mages. Zoe can get maximum power using Doran’s ring, as it gains its ability to perform by using this item.
  • Hextech Protobelt-01- It provides cooldown reduction, somewhat healthy to Zoe when required to keep playing with enthusiasm and high energy levels. Zoe can hit more E’s and Q’s by making use of this item.
  • Luden’s echo

Boots available for Zoe are

  • Mercury’s treads- When you need to face difficult matchups like Fizz and Syndra, then you can use Mercury’s treads for Zoe to get tenacity and magic resistance.
  • Sorcerer’s shoes- The eighteen flat magical penetrations can be obtained using these boots by Zoe.

Abilities Of Zoe

A few of the abilities of Zoe are

  • Passive- The next attack of Zoe increases because of which she can cause more damage using an auto-attack. Her AP and levels also increase due to this ability of Zoe.
  • Spell thief- Using this movement speed of Zoe increases by around seventy per cent. In addition, the number of sparkles also increases by using this ability of Zoe.

Thus, you can build Zoe using the items mentioned above. The abilities of Zoe can be utilized fully to win over other challengers in the League of Legends game.